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102 Suplee Road, Honey Brook, PA 19344


Rentals 4 HourFull DayWeeklyMonthly
Kubota KX080-4$25$40$150$375
Kubota KX057-4$25$40$150$375
Kubota KX71-3$25$40$150$375
Kubota K008-3$25$40$150$375

Skid Steers

Rentals 4 HourFull DayWeeklyMonthly
Kubota SSV65$25$40$150$375
Kubota SSV75$25$40$150$375
Kubota SVL75-2$25$40$150$375
Kubota SVL65-2$25$40$150$375


Rentals 4 HourFull DayWeeklyMonthly
Kubota BX23S w/ Loader & Hoe$25$40$150$375
Kubota 2501 w/ Loader$25$40$150$375

Equipment Rental Benefits

There are a lot of reasons to rent your construction and remediation equipment from Wide Spread Rentals. For one reason, it saves you money on the purchase cost on equipment you may not be using every day, and for another, it means less maintenance and repairs.

Save Time and Money

Renting from Wide Spread means you will have less maintenance and repair costs in addition to saving you money on the initial purchase price of equipment. You will have the same or better equipment than your competitors and will have paid a fraction of the cost. Renting from us will save you a lot of time and money on your equipment costs, meaning you can pass these savings on to your customers. And when you can save your customers money and make them happy, we’re happy.

More Convenient Options

Choosing to rent your equipment is also much more convenient than purchasing. You don’t have to find out a way to transport or store equipment from your location to the job site and back, and you don’t end up buying and having to find storage for project-specific equipment that you only end up using once.

Contact Us Today

If you have a unique need that is not listed, please reach out to us so we can talk about your needs to see if we can help. We’ll be happy to talk to you and give you a no-obligation quote.